Cal Poly Student Mentorship Program

The purpose of this program is to allow prospective and underclassmen students to ask questions and receive advice from students passionate about Landscape Architecture. This program is completely student run and coordinated and is an unaffiliated resource within the Department.

We started this small program because we feel as if there is a lacking in relation between incoming students and the body of students and hope that this will foster a greater understanding and love for Landscape Architecture in students of all classes.

The following people are committed to give time and help to any students that want it. Feel free to email one or more of them. If interested in becoming a mentor yourself contact Kennedy Love at for information.


Kennedy Love: Founder

I am a third year student from San Diego, California but I dropped out of college after a year and traveled the world with no money and a lot of improvising. I have a background in Civil Engineering and Music and have minors in both. I find myself very interested in theory and urban fabrics but I want to it all! I live in a garage off campus with too many people. I would love to help in anyway or just talk if you need it concerning Poly, Design or College life.



Lindsey Dubois: Mentor

I am a third year student from the San Francisco Bay Area. I enjoy all forms of art, knowledge and creativity. As a kid I grew up playing softball, making art and enjoying sunsets over the bay. It was these experiences that fostered a love for spaces that allow for memorable moments. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns about Landscape, Architecture, or life!



Breanne Alton: Mentor

I'm a second year transfer student from Ventura, California and am on track to graduate from the program in three years. Previous to finding Landscape Architecture and our program, I studied Art, Anthropology, and completed a program in Environmental Horticulture. I am interested in identifying the opportunities for creating engaging and connective spaces in all types of landscapes. I live off campus, am married and have two dogs. Participating in this program has been transformative but also a challenging life change. I would love to be of help as you are preparing for, or beginning this learning experience at Cal Poly.



Erin Anderson: Mentor

I am from Cameron Park, California and am currently a third year student. Growing up, I traveled with my family all over the United States and to National Parks. It was these incredible landscapes that sparked my interest in Landscape Architecture. I have been involved in high end residential projects since high school. If you ever need advice feel free to get ahold of me or call my name out in Dexter cause I am there 24/7.


More information and resources coming soon!

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