Student Clubs

In addition to the Landscape Architecture clubs listed below, there are other clubs supported by each department and the CAED that can be found on the CAED Student Clubs web page.

Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (SCASLA)

The ASLA student chapter is a student organization that is affiliated with the American Society of Landscape Architects. Our mission is to promote education, community involvement, student activities, a sense of spirit and pride, wise planning, and artful design of our cultural and natural environments. ASLA involvement is quite extensive -- from community clean-ups, Habitats for Humanity, Open House activities, garden show exhibits, national professional and student conference participation, interdisciplinary activities, and inviting guest speakers to share their knowledge.

To learn more about SCASLA, connect with the club on Facebook or send the club an email.

Fall 2014 Officers

Kayln Crosier, President

Brandon Cornejo, Vice President

Shannon O'Hehir, Secretary

Wayne Nemec, Treasurer

Kodsart Denaro, Volunteer Coordinator

Rachel SantaOlalla, Events Coordinator

Ian Larsen, Fundraising Chair

Jessica James, Public Relations Coordinator


Winter/Spring 2015 Officers

Mayra Concepcion, President

Brandon Cornejo, Vice President

Shannon O'Hehir, Secretary

Chris Martinez, Treasurer

Kodsart Denaro, Volunteer Coordinator

Rachel SantaOlalla, Events Coordinator

Ian Larsen, Fundraising Chair

Jessica James, Public Relations Coordinator


Astrid Reeves


Sigma Lambda Alpha Honor Society - Theta Chapter (SLA)

This National Honor Society for Landscape Architecture students invites for membership those students with a 3.2 GPA and higher. The activities of the Cal Poly SLO Theta Chapter are geared toward academic and professional development, such as inviting outside professionals to come in for reviews of projects or lectures. Overall, Chapter members try to encourage students to perform well and inspire them toward the professional world of landscape architecture.

2014-15 Members

Daniel Beck
Jillian Broeckel
Melanie Buffa
Timothy Conway, Jr.
Kalyn Crosier
Rachel Dobronyi
Ryan Higginbotham
Jessica James
Andrew Krumwiede
Amanda McCaulley
Dustin Valero


David Watts

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