Landscape Architecture Scholarships

The deadline for Landscape Architecture departmental scholarships is on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Cal Poly Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is excited to announce that there is a single place for current students to apply for all Cal Poly scholarships. Starting early March, you can click on the Cal Poly Scholarship app on the left side of your portal to complete the application for 2019-20 scholarship consideration. The application will be reviewed by colleges and departments for major specific scholarships as well as being used for university-wide scholarships.

The Landscape Architecture Department offers scholarships to landscape architecture majors. These scholarships recognize need, promise, and achievement in a broad range of activities related to landscape architecture. To qualify for need-based scholarships, applicants must have applied for FAFSA. Complete the federal application (FAFSA) here. If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 805-756-2927 or email Recipients are selected in the spring quarter and the financial award is given in the fall.

The Landscape Architecture Department offers the following scholarships that are generally awarded based on the evaluation of student applications, although the department may consider other students when the applicant pool does not provide the best students based on the scholarship's criteria.

  • Douglas Baylis, FASLA Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert Cota Vasquez Memorial Scholarship 
  • Wood Rodgers Scholarship
  • HLA Group/Robert Hablitzel Scholarship
  • Ian Casey Memorial Scholarship
  • Kennedy Love Memorial Scholarship
  • Landscape Architecture Department Advisory Council Scholarship


Douglas Baylis, FASLA Memorial Scholarship 1 @ $1800

The Douglas Baylis, FASLA, College of Architecture and Environmental Design Memorial Scholarship was established in 1998 by the Maggie Baylis Revocable Living Trust in memory of her husband, Douglas Baylis. Mr. Baylis was a well-recognized landscape architect in California and the country and received an ASLA "Fellowship" award.

Landscape Architecture majors at any class level are eligible to apply, as long as the individual will be a student during the 2018-19 academic year. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required.

The LA department scholarship committee reviews submissions (application and portfolio of project examples) and recommends the recipient to the CAED Scholarship Committee for final approval.

2018-19 Scholarship Recipient: Emily Izenson

2017-18 Scholarship Recipients: Lindsay Kageyama, Mary McGregor

2016-17 Scholarship Recipients: Jolie Leung, James Colin Quinn-Briggs


Robert Cota Vasquez Memorial Scholarship 1 @ $300

The Robert Cota Vasquez Memorial Scholarship also provides financial support to one LA student, generally each academic year. This scholarship was established by Miss Elizabeth Brooks of Santa Barbara in 1999 in memory of her uncle, Robert Cota Vasquez.

LA students in their fourth year are eligible to apply. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required; preference is given to re-entry students.

The Landscape Architecture Department scholarship committee reviews applications and selects the recipients.

2018-19 Scholarship Recipient: Breanne Alton

2016-17 Scholarship Recipient: Emily Barlog

2015-16 Scholarship Recipient: Brandon Cornejo


Dean and Patricia Morgridge Family Scholarship 2 @ $4800

The Dean and Patricia Morgridge Family Scholarship was established by Dean (1930-2010) and Patricia Morgridge to provide financial support and encourage excellence in promising landscape architecture students going into their fourth or fifth year of study. Its intent is to help offset tuition costs for exceptional students who would otherwise not be able to devote as much time to their studies due to financial obligations. Through increased opportunity to participate in classroom and practical exercises, this scholarship promotes the application of careful and appropriate blending of man-made structures and the natural environment by investing in the education of future landscape architect practitioners.

LA students in their third or fourth year are eligible to apply. A minimum GPA of 2.8 is required, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in major courses. Applicants are required to provide a one-page statement describing their financial need and interests and goals along with their application.

The Landscape Architecture Department scholarship committee reviews applications and selects the recipients based on a review of their qualifications and their statement of financial need, professional interests, and goals. 

2016-17 Scholarship Recipients: Laura Meert, Juliana Welch

2015-16 Scholarship Recipients: Kathryn Cannon, Annie Potter


Wood Rodgers Scholarship 1 @ $1425

LA students must be in Junior or Senior standing with a minimum GPA of 3.0. 

2017-18 Scholarship Recipient: Erin Anderson

2016-17 Scholarship Recipient: Luke Davies


HLA Group/Robert Hablitzel Scholarship 1 @ $525

The HLA Group established an endowment to honor its founding principal, Robert D. Hablitzel, who graduated from Cal Poly/San Luis Obispo in 1972. The gift commemorates the 2003 retirement of Mr. Hablitzel from the firm he founded in 1980. The endowment funds scholarships to help students pursue a fourth or fifth year of landscape architecture study.

Students currently in their third or fourth year of study are eligible for consideration. A minimum 3.2 Cal Poly cumulative GPA for major courses is required, with preference given to the candidate with the highest Cal Poly cumulative GPA for major courses. Where multiple candidates have the same high Cal Poly cumulative GPA for major courses, preference is given to the candidate who is most involved with volunteer activities within the community. 

2018-19 Scholarship Recipient: Alexandra Shebalin

2017-18 Scholarship Recipient: Claire Morris

2016-17 Scholarship Recipient: Jamie Chafe


Ian Casey Memorial Travel Scholarship 1 @ $2000

The Ian Casey Memorial Travel Scholarship supports a Landscape Architecture students with demonstrated financial need participating in one of Cal Poly's many travel abroad program opportunities.  The intent of the scholarship is to assist a student who loves traveling and would otherwise be unable to do so.  The scholarship honors the life of Ian Casey, who graduated in 2011 with a degree in Landscape Architectute, and to continue his legacy of generosity, hard work and love of life. LA students in all class levels are available to apply. Applicants must meet the financial need criteria and student must be accepted to study abroad program for 2018-19.

2018-19 Scholarship Recipient: Kevin Jo


Kennedy Love Memorial Scholarship 1 @ $4750

The Kennedy Love scholarship supports continuing Cal Poly students majoring in Landscape Architecture and City and Regional Planning.  Students must show financial need and be graduates of a CA high school or a veteran of the armed forces from any state with a preference for first-generation college students.  Selected students must have demonstrated volunteerism, collaboration and advancement of the design profession consistent with Cal Poly's "Learn by Doing"  This scholarship was set up to honor the life of Kennedy Love, a Landscape Architecture student tragically killed while bicycling near campus.  His volunteerism and involvement with his major is reflected in the requirements of the scholarship. Class levels, Sophomore, Junior or Senior may apply.

2018-19 Scholarship Recipient: Dominique De Gracia


Landscape Architecture Department Advisory Council 4 @ $1500 

LADAC scholarships are based on those who best exemplifies skills that the LADAC considers important for future leaders in the profession. Sophomore student should be selected based on pursing potential, whether or not they have achieved it.  The focus is on what they have done to persistently gain knowledge and skills and most importantly, their attitude towards learning and reaching that potential. Junior students should have obtained a level of skill based on talent, attitude and hard work.  Skills in hand sketching, computer graphics, technology, research, presentation, planning or writing can all by considered. Senior students should show leadership in promoting the profession or the LARC department through involvement in organizations, volunteer groups, other disciplines or the profession. Fifth year senior students should show leadership through involvement in organizations, volunteer groups or other disciplines and have obtained a high level of skill based on talent, attitude and hard work. Landscape Architecture Department Advisory Council 

2018-19 Award Recipients: Elissa Urbina, Danielle Bain, Nakos Sarkar-Frandsen & Breanne Alton

2017-18 Award Recipients: Sophia Adema, Morgan Tashjian, Sarah Samynathan & Libby Jacobson


Department Awards

Each year the Landscape Architecture Department faculty selects students to receive awards based on the particular award's criteria. These awards do not require an application; instead, decisions are made based on faculty vote. These awards include:


CLASS Fund Memorial Student Scholarship in Honor of Alec Balliet

This scholarship is in memory of Alec Balliet, a graduate from the Cal Poly LA program. It is awarded to the student who most embodies Alec's qualities - zest and a passion for life, highly developed creative and artistic skills, willingness to help others, and consistent selflessness and generosity.

2017-18 Award Recipient: Shannon O'Herir


CLASS Fund University Scholarship

2017-18 Award Recipient: Kimberly Emmen

CLASS (California Landscape Architecture Student Scholarship) Fund scholarship selection criteria includes student financial need, potential success in the profession, academic status, community involvement, and leadership capabilities. CLASS brings together landscape architects, contractors, suppliers, and affiliated members of the green industry for interaction and fellowship while generating operational and endowment funds for scholarships, internships and fellowships at institutions offering curriculums in landscape architecture and industry-related fields of study.


Department Recognition Award for Academic Excellence

2018-19 Award Recipient: Kimberly Emmen

2017-18 Award Recipient: Kevin Tanchanco & Juliana Welch

2015-16 Award Recipient: Kate Cannon


Department Recognition Award for Service to the Department

2018-19 Award Recipients: Scott Sibley and Tyler Reed

2017-18 Award Recipient: Myra Conception

2015-16 Award Recipient: Wayne Nemec, Brandon Cornejo


Department Recognition Award for Design Excellence

2018-19 Award Recipient: Sarah Samynathan

2017-18 Award Recipient: Isaiah Rapko


Department Recognition Award for Design Process

2018-19 Award Recipient: Patrick Kelty

2017-18 Award Recipients: Justin Jore and Kevin Tanchanco


Department Recognition Award for Best in Show

2018-19 Award Recipient: David Jamesson


Department Student Recognition Golden Eagle Award

2018-19 Award Recipients: Jenna Andrews, Juan Guadarrama Baz & Shannon O'Hehir 

2017-18 Award Recipient: Justin Jore


CAED Scholarships

A number of scholarships are available each year which is administered through Cal Poly's College of Architecture and Environmental Design. For information on the CAED scholarships which are open to LA majors, go to the CAED Scholarships web page. 

LA Majors who received CAED Scholarships/Recognition during the 2018-19 Awards Cycle:

  • Herbert E. Collins Scholarship: Bryce Turk and Carissa Ma
  • Robin L. Rossi Award: Elisa Gonzalez, Sabra Dewey and Michael Lenahan

LA Majors who received CAED Scholarships/Recognition during the 2017-18 Awards Cycle:

  • Herbert E. Collins Scholarship: Breanne Alton, Nate Bowen, Tyler Ellison
  • Robin L. Rossi Award: Sabra Dewey
  • CAED Senior Recognition Award for Contributions to the Objectives and Public Image of the College: Natalie Montoya
  • CAED Senior Recognition Award for Service to the Off-Campus Community: Blake Farris

LA Majors who received CAED Scholarships/Recognition during the 2015-16 Awards Cycle:

  • Herbert E. Collins Scholarship: Blake Faris, Kevin Tanchanco
  • Robin L. Rossi Award: Kimberly Emmens, Justin Jore
  • Dr. Glenn G. McRae Intership, Nicholas Kong


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