Architecture of the landscape, at every scale: small, large or regional, is a profound and important human experience, and to put all of its elements together in a harmonious and sustainable way requires a thorough understanding of the natural systems, technical knowledge of the infrastructure, astute planning, communication skills, artistic acumen, and poetic sense.
    It needs a careful orchestration of teaching skills and scholarship to provide quality education for this challenging field, and we at Cal Poly have the national reputation for it. Our faculty is deeply committed to bringing this to a higher level of perfection.
    There is no better landscape setting than San Luis Obispo to study landscape architecture. Also, we are only three hours away from two of the major urban corridors of the world: San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles Area, and we frequently use projects in those urban areas for our design studios.

Visiting the Department

Prospective students, new admits, parents, alumni and friends: Visiting the department is a great way to learn more about Cal Poly's Landscape Architecture program. We offer tours of department and college facilities, interaction with faculty and students and displays of student work. Stop in for a visit or call for an appointment at your convenience: 805-756-1319. We are located on the second floor of Dexter Hall, in room 251.

Public Information Policy

Programs accredited by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB) are required to provide reliable information to the public. Programs must report on accreditation status and their performance. This information is to help potential students make informed application decisions. To review this information, click here.

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