CAED Support Facilities

The CAED supports the following facilities as resources for all students in the college. The basic contact, location and schedule information is provided below as a quick reference.

Additional information can be found by using the links to under Resources below to go to the facility page within the CAED web site.

Neel Resource Center

Materials Coordinator:
Prof. Robert Arens
Email: rarens@calpoly.edu
Phone: 805.756.1444

CAED Librarian:
Jesse Vestermark
Email: jvesterm@calpoly.edu
Phone: 805.756.2640

CAED Photo Presentation Facility

Contact: Josef Kasperovich
Email: jkaspero@calpoly.edu
Phone: 805.756.1342

CAED Support Shop

Contact: Kevin Dong
Email: kdong@calpoly.edu
Phone: 805.756.5371

Poly Canyon

Contact: Kevin Dong
Email: kdong@calpoly.edu
Phone: 805.756.5371


CAED Support Facilities

CAED - NRC Image Collection

CAED - NRC Materials Collection

CAED - Photo Presentation Facility

CAED - Support Shop

CAED Shop Safety Documents

CAED Shop and Lab Policies & Procedures

CAED Shop Safety Guidelines

CAED Shop Safety Agreement

CAED Shop Hazard Analysis Worksheet

CAED Shop Hazard Analysis Guidelines

CAED Shop Hazard Analysis Worksheet Example

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