Studio Use & Stewardship Policy

We assume that all students are individuals who respect each other, each other's work, and our facilities. We ask that you work in partnership with the faculty and staff to create an ethic of stewardship in relation to our facilities and an environment governed by respect for others while working in the studios. In that spirit, the following policy was established by the Landscape Architecture Department to foster a culture of respect for each other and our facilities.

Studio Etiquette

When students are working in the studio, certain etiquette is necessary to ensure a civil working environment. Students should be considerate of their classmates, and of others in the building. Some basic rules:

  • ALWAYS lock studio/lab doors. Everyone is responsible for protecting the safety of their classmates and their possessions.
  • Clean up after each session when using common work-tables.
  • Students should keep their personal workspace in reasonable order.
  • Do not leave trash on the floors (use bins provided; ask for extras if needed).
  • Headphones are required for all music.
  • Report any damage of property to the department as soon as reasonably possible.

Use & Stewardship of Studios

The following guidelines are established to ensure the security, safety and integrity of our educational facilities. There are four categories of policy: lab use, facility modification, external furnishings, and required drafting surface policy.

Lab Use

Any damage to the studio will be recorded by the faculty or staff. Students responsible for that damage will be assessed a fee to correct that damage.

  • Do not cut on, write on, glue on, paint on, nail, drill or otherwise mar studio desks, work benches, other furnishings, floors, or walls in any way.
  • Work on cutting mats or other protective material.
  • Spray-paint in the paint booths in Building 05 or the shop.
  • Do all construction that requires power tools in the shop area.
  • Do not use power tools (e.g., circular saws, jig saws, sanders) in lab or adjacent areas.

Facility Modification

Any unauthorized facility modifications will be removed by the custodial staff after a request to do so has been submitted by the faculty or staff. Students responsible for any damage will be assessed a fee to correct that damage.

  • Do not suspend anything from the ceiling, beams, ceiling tiles or light fixtures.
  • Do not attach in a way that mars (e.g., glue, nail, screw) anything to the floors or walls.
  • Do not place any signage in the windows.

External Furnishings

Any unauthorized furnishings will be removed by the custodial staff, after a request to do so has been submitted by the faculty or staff.

  • Microwave ovens may not be brought into labs since these disrupt the wireless network and they can trip the circuit breakers causing people to lose computer work.
  • Coffee-makers may be brought into labs if they are not near any paper or combustibles. They must be kept clean.
  • Do not bring unauthorized furnishings into the labs (e.g., sofas, stuffed chairs, bedding, large bookcases that do not fit under the desks, etc.).
  • Use grounded extension cords provided with built-in circuit breakers. Do not use non-grounded, non-circuit breaker extension cords, since these pose a fire hazard.

Required Drafting Surface Policy

Students are required to bring a portable surface to protect the desk from harm. The drafting surface must not extend beyond the desktop and is moved to your new workstation every quarter. If the drafting surface has not been brought to the studio within 2 weeks after your notification of this policy, an academic hold will be placed on your records. Various options are available for you to consider. Estimated costs for a 30” x 42” surface are provided as a reference only:

  1. A portable drafting board that is purchased with a parallel rule attached (~$150).
  2. You can build your own drafting surface. Borco and parallel rules can be easily attached. Some students attach handles for ease of transport (~$60-$75).
  3. A Borco surface, that either relaxes on its own, or is taped to the desk with drafting tape in a manner that does not mar the desk surface with residual glue damage (~$35).
  4. Matboard or Museum Board that either sits on the desk or is taped to the desk with drafting tape in a manner that does not mar the desk with residual glue (~$12).

End-of-Term Studio Clean Up

The deadline to remove all personal items from studios and lockers is 4:00 PM on the last Friday of the term, unless notices are posted with an earlier deadline. Materials remaining after the deadline will be disposed of immediately, including projects, artwork, models, and personal equipment. By the last day of the Final Exam Period:

  • Place all trash in trash bins or dumpsters—floors should be free of trash.
  • Remove all personal possessions including the portable drafting surface and all projects.
  • Report any needed repairs to the Landscape Architecture Department Office.

Cal Poly State University policies

We also want to remind you of some policies established by Cal Poly to protect all students, staff, faculty and the general public which impact the use of studios, for example:

  • Refrigerators may not be brought into the lab (Executive Order 987).
  • Do not park or store bicycles in the labs or stairways (UPD code 359.1).
  • Pets are not permitted in any campus building except for service animals, assistance animals or animals involved in authorized research or instruction programs (UPD code 353).
  • Do not bring alcohol onto the campus or into the labs except by exclusive permission of the Cal Poly Foundation (CAM 270.1).
  • Do not smoke in any interior space (Executive Order 599).

Signature Requirement

A signed copy of this Policy must be filed with the Landscape Architecture Department (34-251) within two weeks of the start of the quarter or an academic "HOLD" will be placed on the student’s records. You only need to sign the acknowledgment of this policy once during your tenure at Cal Poly. If the policy is updated, you will be asked to sign a new copy.

Please print, read, sign, date and deliver a copy of this document to the Landscape Architecture Department office (Bldg. 34-251).

I have received, read and understand the November, 2008 Landscape Architecture Department, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo Policy on: Studio Use and Stewardship. I understand that if I cause damage to university property, I will be responsible for replacement costs associated with the damage. The Department reserves the right to place a "HOLD" on the student’s record until the replacement costs are paid. Students with a hold are denied access to the registration system (CPReg), transcripts, use of facilities, etc., until the hold is cleared.


Student Name (print)_________________________________________________________


Student Signature________________________________________Date:_______________


V. 10/29/08

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