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Honored with the Outstanding Alumni Award by Texas A&M University for his contribution in design innovations, education and scholarly work, Omar Faruque is the longest serving Professor in the department. Having received a BSLA and MArch from Texas A&M University, he has been involved in architectural, landscape architectural and planning projects in Texas, Michigan, Indiana, and other states. In most of these projects, his approach to design has been integrated and holistic.

He served as the Director of Design and Land Planning for Architectural Development Corporation of Dallas, Texas and the Vice President and Director of Planning and Design for Archimetrics Inc., Dallas, Texas. In his involvement with the first phase of the Flower Mount New Town near Dallas-Fort Worth area, he introduced a series of innovations, especially for the linkages and integration of the open space system into the fabric of housing and commercial districts.

Faruque’s contribution in design education has been multifaceted. After joining the Landscape Architecture Department at Ball State University, in addition to teaching the BLA program, he played an important role in establishing the MLA program. Having received promotions for his accomplishments, he became the youngest full Professor of that campus.

He joined the Landscape Architecture Department of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1989. Aside from revamping its design and design communication sequences, he led many teaching innovations, and served as the Department Head.

He has offered many workshops for universities, professional offices and organizations including AIA and ASLA. He authored Graphic Communication as a Design Tool published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Company (now John Wiley & Sons, Inc.). This theory book on design communication documents his pioneering research on graphic exploration for design decisions and is extensively cited by research communities worldwide.

Faruque writes novels, short stories and poems. His childhood interest in typography emerged into a passion for designing typefaces. He has designed over a dozen computer based roman and non-roman typefaces.

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