Course Supplies

The list below provides an estimate of supplies and expenses for specific classes and class sections. For an exact list of materials needed or questions about cost, printing and field trips of a particular section, please reach out to the faculty member teaching the course. Costs can differ, depending on where materials are purchased (estimates are based on items in the University Store, Amazon or Staples, for example). Additional information can be found in the section ‘Textbook/Other Materials’ when enrolling.

Students struggling to afford the cost of supplies and equipment can contact the college advising center at to learn about the Materials Pantry and computer loaner program.

**Note that most materials need to be purchased only once; however, expendable materials will need to be replaced as they are used. 

If you have any further questions, please reach out to the department at

Cost Estimates for materials/supplies and other expenses

Class Expenses Cost Est.
LA 101 none $0
LA 171 Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, printing, other materials $55 +/-
LA 170 pens/pencils, drafting tools, etc.


LA 202 use supplies purchased for LA 170 $0
LA 203 drafting/model supplies, printing $40-$60
LA 204 project supplies, printing, field trips $50-$100
LA 211 none $0
LA 212 TopHat app $30
LA 241 general supplies (not including computer-based costs) $50 +/-
LA 242 project supplies, printing, field trips $55+
LA 320 textbook, printing $35+
LA 349 circle template, Sunset Western Garden book $40
LA 350 project supplies, printing $20-$200
LA 371 none $0
LA 403 drafting tools, printing, field trips $185
LA 404 pencils/pens, drafting tools, etc. $45-$150
LA 405 printing up to $100
LA 406 drafting/model supplies, 3D & large format printing, field trips $135-$180
LA 432 printing/plotting $20-$30
LA 433 printing, local travel $20 +/-
LA 434 printing/plotting $30-$50
LA 437 Cube 3D print, poster print $15
LA 438 printing (two projects) $25
LA 461 project supplies, printing $20-$30
LA 470 printing/plotting $5-$10
LA 521 printing/plotting, field trip (gas) $50
LA 531 printing/plotting $25


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