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David Fletcher, ASLA



Fletcher Studio

2325 Third Street #413
San Francisco, CA

Phone (415) 230-9144
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David Fletcher is the founding Principal of Fletcher Studio, an innovative and award-winning collaborative practice based in San Francisco. The studio provides comprehensive professional services in landscape architecture, urban design, and physical planning. Fletcher Studio is committed to interdisciplinary work and brings a collaborative and contextual approach to spatial design that is intimately informed by the communities, possibilities, and ecologies of each project area. David’s career in landscape architecture spans over 3 decades and has involved community outreach, research, and academic leadership positions in addition to his professional built work. His background in fine art, field biology, and education have cultivated a unique foundation where culture, art, and infrastructure interact–often in intriguing and evocative ways.

David has taught in and lead departments on both coasts, most notably at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, sci_Arc, and CCA. He has also lectured internationally and critiqued professional and student work while also serving on local design boards. He has contributed to numerous publications and peer-reviewed journals, and his work has also been exhibited internationally at academic and cultural institutions. Fletcher Studio has received awards locally, nationally, and internationally for their work from such institutions as American Society of Landscape Architects and American Institute of Architects. David holds a Master of Landscape Architecture, with distinction, from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He also holds a BA in Studio Art and a BS in Landscape Architecture from the University of California at Davis, both with honors.

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