Landscape Architecture Minor

Guidelines for Minors

A minor is defined as a coherent course of study which stands alone from a major and provides a student with broad knowledge of and competency in an area outside the student's major. A minor may not be taken in the same major as the student's degree program (e.g., a student majoring in history may not complete a minor in history, whereas a student majoring in crop science may complete a minor in plant protection).

  1. A minor consists of 24 to 30 units with at least half of the units from 300-400 level courses and at least half of the units must be taken at Cal Poly.
  2. Not more than one-third of the courses in a minor can be graded Credit/No Credit (CR/NC), except for courses which have mandatory CR/NC grading.
  3. A minimum 2.0 GPA is required in all units counted for completion of the minor (foreign language minors must have a 2.75 GPA).
  4. The minor will be completed along with the requirements for the bachelor's degree. Courses in the minor may be used to satisfy major and general education requirements.
  5. Students who wish to complete a minor are to contact the department offering the academic minor as early as possible in the program and fill out the appropriate agreement form. The minor is declared when the student requests a graduation evaluation in the Evaluations Office.
  6. The completion of the minor will be noted on the student's transcript but will not be shown on the diploma. In no case will a diploma be awarded for the minor.

Landscape Architecture Minor

Click here to review course requirements for a Landscape Architecture Minor degree.

Click here to complete the online PowerForm for a Minor in Landscape Architecture.

For additional information, contact Landscape Architecture Minor Coordinator David Watts.


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