Common Questions

Do I have to follow the sequence of courses as presented in the curriculum flowchart?

There is a strong sequential relationship of courses in landscape architecture. Courses are required to be taken in the order shown on the curriculum flow chart which can be obtained by contacting the department. If a sequence is not initiated at the proper time you may miss a prerequisite course and not be able to continue with the next courses in the sequence. This could result in your being held up for as long as a year. Recent high school graduates (non-transfer students) should plan to follow the curriculum flow chart exactly as it is presented.

Who is my Advisor?

All students in the Landscape Architecture Department have a faculty advisor assigned to them. The student's advisor is assigned based on the first letter of the student's last name, as shown in the table below.

New students should make a "get acquainted" appointment with their advisor as soon as possible.

2023-24 ADVISORS

Last Name Advisor Email
A - Ch

Burke, Ellen

Betnar, Bret (for winter & spring quarters)

Cl - Hal Day, Miran
Ham - Li O'Hara, Christy
Lo - Pah Ragsdale. Joseph
Par - St Torres Bustamante, César
Su - Z Watts, David


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